Cornerstone Cary


Jan 2024


It started with (I’m sorry) horrible bathroom time adventures. This was about 4 years ago, or at least that long to where I was concerned that something wasn’t right. I was fully aware that my lifestyle was counter productive to maintaining health in the long run, but assumed once I slowed down in age that I could focus on my body then. As is, I’ve always done highly physical jobs, so strength was not reducing. Until it did.

So the onset realization was scary for me once my lifestyle began effecting my nervous system, coupled with my vascular issue that was most likely due to my heavy daily alcohol use.

I do alot of movement based weapons training, and started tripping in the field because of terrain. And not being able to feel the ground as well as I should. This caused alot of stress and fear. No one wants to be a liability. So I keep my mouth shut worry more, drink more. My father had degenerative spine, neuropathy in his legs, and a host of other health problems and I feared I was fated the same way. All this increased my negative intake of foods, liquids, and thoughts. Couple that with how I personally feel things external to my family are sliding…. well we can follow this calculus.

So I’m falling in the field, and now bumping and tripping at work. This is how my family lives, I cant mess around now. I can’t be a liability to them in the field, nor can I fail to provide for them…

I’ve been through 4 doctors since onset of symptoms. All want to treat the symptoms, not the root cause. We lie to ourselves and say “i don’t know what is causing my negative health”. This is a lie we tell ourselves because our crutch (lifestyle) becomes our prison. We NEED those things to feel good, or in my case I felt that it could dull my pains enough to keep going. Again, this is a cop out. From fear.
I lost my arches, and didn’t realize for 6 months until I had to crawl in the door from work. Literally on my hands and knees. It was humiliating. Was it due to sensation loss? Who knows. But I’m in permanent arch supports because of it. Well enough is enough. Carnivore worked on weight, but it trashed my muscle as well.

This course of action im on now is doing more for me in weeks, that I assumed would take years. In truth, its been great to have someone outside of my family to care, but better… to be accountable to. This forces me to have clear and honest thoughts with myself. To be accountable to myself. We know what is going on in our lives to make the change we need. We just need to have that honest conversation with ourselves. So with that self awareness, a great dietary plan and supplement aided plan to help us heal… to be ABLE to be present and help ourselves has been a blessing. The support from a caring practice is priceless as well.
I like best, there is a sign in the office that says something to the effect of being the total of all atomic choices, and actions of our lives. And to keep changing the tiniest of things over time, will in fact 100% change the total. US.

December 27, 2023


This is Ernestine from Raleigh, NC and I have diabetes and some illnesses. I was having a lot of problems with legs, back, foot, toes from Neuropathy and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I started searching for someone to treat the burning, stinging, throbbing, shooting pain, cold feet, and numb toes. I googled Neuropathy Doctors in the area and came across Cornerstone Chiropractic Clinic. I didn’t know that Chiropractors treated Neuropathy. As I was reading the status on Dr. James Jernigan, Jr. that worked at Cornerstone, I was very impressed with what I was reading so I reached out to them, and they took me right away for my first Consultation, which was August 11, 2023.

I was a mess, a lot of pain, beginning to feel depressed for I felt I had no way out of this awful pain. As I walked through the door of the office I was greeted with smiles, hugs, and they welcomed me into the clinic. From the very first visit you could feel the anointing in the office. I knew right away because God’s presence was there in the spirit of the workers. The family environment was just awesome from the father, mother, secretaries, and others that were in the office, and of course Dr. James Jernigan, Jr.
The soft music that was playing, the calmness of the atmosphere was just unbelievable. If you are looking for a place of peace, love, and the spirit of God, please make an appointment today.

I went in not knowing that not only would he and his family become my doctor and friends, but they all have become my family. I feel safe, understood, cared for, listened to, and I know that they have my back.
They asked me where I lived and I shared with them that I live in an individual seniors living community in Raleigh, NC and that I love giving and sharing through my mission – Gods Angel On A Mission. We visit Rest Homes, Individual Homes, Children Facility, etc. giving gifts and whatever we think they may need. This Christmas Cornerstone Chiropractic visited where I live giving every senior that lived there a Christmas gift. Everyone was so filled with love for that – they have never had this happen to them before.

I also stated to Dr. James and his mother that this is the only office that I have ever been in and treated with love, joy, and peace. They absolutely are doing the will of God. I have referred others to go there as well.



I had lost hope about finding an answer for my feet. I was referred to the office through a member of our church. I have not been disappointed with care and additional knowledge I have gained. I shudder to think of where I would be if I had not found Cornerstone Chiropractic. I am able to sleep all night, the numbness in my feet has stopped. It’s indescribable how far I’ve come. I thank God every day I’ve found Dr. James.

Dec 2023


I have or have had HBP, Diabetes, Sarcoidosis, Breast Cancer twice, bad back pain, Neuropathy in my hands and feet, this is why I joined the program. I’ve had HBP & Diabetes for about 45 years and Sarcoidosis since 1986. My first Breast cancer was in 11/2008 and I had Chemo and Radiation and Surgery, my second Breast Cancer was in 12/2020 and I had a complete mastectomy and Chemo. So, the Neuropathy has been there from my first bout with cancer, and it only got worse after my second chemo in 2021. I have never tried any other treatment for Neuropathy because I didn’t know there was one. I am really happy for this program. After my fourth spinal adjustment my back pain was gone and has not come back. I was taken off my Diabetes medication on 9/12/23. My feet stopped burning mid-August.

I went to my kidney doctor on 10/27/23, I have chronic kidney disease but today my kidney numbers are good. I also had blood work done recently because I’m a diabetic, but my numbers are good so I’m not on any diabetes medication any longer. I know this is an 18-month program and I know that since Thanksgiving I’ve eaten some things that I shouldn’t have but I know that after the holidays I will get back on the program wholeheartedly because my goal is to not lose any toes or fingers ever.
This program has helped me in so many ways, and I would be a fool to stop now.

Jan 2024


I saw Dr. James Facebook message and for the first time I felt there was hope for me to recover from the sleepless nights, the pain, and taking so many medicines. After starting the treatment, I started to feel hope that all will be well. The opportunity to understand how precious our bodies are and what we put into it. I am one lucky patient and I know all of the other patients are lucky to be in Dr. James care.

Dec 1, 2023


First of all, I have to admit that I arrived in your office as a skeptic. I had not previously given much thought to the science behind Chiropractic spinal manipulation. I came into your office because of the lower back pain that I had been experiencing. It was a chronic problem that had come and gone over the previous several years. During those years (at least once a year) I would get an episode of pain that lasted a month or so — often after sitting a long time, as in a long car or airplane trip. Because I don’t like to take drugs, it was very rare that I took anything for the back pain — I just powered through it. My spouse was getting tired of my constant complaints of pain and made the appointment for me. I wonder if I would ever have made the appointment myself!

Well, it was almost miraculous! I walked into your office in pain, and after ONE ADJUSTMENT the pain vanished!! I tell people that I walked in bent over in pain and I danced out pain free! You made a believer out of me right away! Your careful explanation of how the spine connects, through the nervous system, to all parts of the body made so much sense, and it provided me the knowledge I needed to understand why it worked so well. And the state-of-the-art scanning equipment in your office provided me with the visuals I needed to see what was actually going on with my spine. The exercises that you recommended have also helped me — not only with the relief from my back pain, but also with an improvement in my overall posture, which was another one of my goals. After my immediate goal of chronic pain relief was achieved, I have kept up a program of spinal maintenance, through a schedule of continuing adjustments that have kept me pain free.

Best of all though, I believe that I have acquired a new friend in you, James! You are one of the warmest and friendliest people I know! Thank you for letting me get to know you.



I’d been suffering with numerous ailments: leg pain and twitching to the point that I would wrap rope around my arms and my legs at night trying to get it to stop twitching, sleeping just three hours a night and absolutely no energy for the last 12 years. I’d been to see a vascular doctors, neurological doctors, primary care doctors with no results. I’ve had so much lab work and imaging done over the past 12 yrs and no one seemed to find anything. I was exhausted and by this point had given up on myself. I literally felt that at the rate I was going I had six years at the most to live.

My husband desperate to help me saw this video on the Internet for Cornerstone chiropractic and told me that I needed to give this program a shot. He said he felt like I couldn’t give up no matter what and that I had to keep trying. I was not wanting to go. I felt like all the other doctors weren’t able to help me what made this one any different. My husband was extremely persistent and I finally gave in.

When I met Dr. James, he was not only understanding of my pain and the suffering that I’d been going through but he wanted to find out the root cause of it. He actually seemed to care and that made me decide to try this program. You have to understand that every other doctor I had seen, once the lab work or imaging came back with no findings, that was it for them. They didn’t seem to care or offer me any other alternatives.

I made up my mind that I had nothing else to lose and that I was going to give this program 100%. I will tell you within the first week I went from sleeping three hours to seven. I literally woke up feeling so energetic and so good that it just motivated me to keep on going, I followed everything that the doctor asked me to do and not only was my energy coming back, my legs stopped twitching! I lost over 43 pounds and I feel like I have a new lease on life. I wake up every morning feeling happy and excited. I get dressed before I come downstairs. I’m not sitting on the couch all day because I’m in pain. I can’t explain in words, the joy and happiness that I feel right now. Thanks to Dr. James and the fantastic people that work with him – I have my life back. I think of them as family and I appreciate everything they do. My biggest take away from this is not to give up, you have to keep trying!

6 years ago


Dr. James was able to adjust my feet for me. I was in pain every day, thinking I had developed arthritis. Shoes made my feet hurt, walking made my feet hurt, when I woke up each morning my feet hurt. For over 10 years. I had resolved to the fact that it was pain I was going to live with. He asked if he could adjust them and I was scared the pain would get worse. I put my fears aside and he adjusted them. They felt so strange for days afterwards. I had increased warmth and tingling feelings. It was almost like they were coming alive, refreshed! After that first adjustment they were improved over 50%! I was shocked. After three adjustments they were improved 85-90%. The bone pain had now diminished to almost nothing. I’m so impressed. I can’t believe I was just accepting the pain with no hope. Dr. James has had a huge impact on my view of pain relief!

A year ago


I have been amazed by the healing my family and I have had. Seeing immediate results in each of us was astonishing; however, the outcome has kept paying off. Parts of our lives we came to accept as “that’s the way we are” or aliments we weren’t even seeking to be fixed have also shown favorable results. 

James’s mastership and approach are palatable and straightforward. His adjustments, guidance, support, and persistence have more than paid off.

I highly recommend Dr. James Jernigan. The results will speak for themselves.

3 years ago


Dr. James is awesome. Very friendly. He’s knowledgeable about the body and how it works. He explains it so that I can understand. He holds workshops to help others as well. He’s just an all around great guy.

5 years ago


Dr. James is fantastic! He listens to you, addresses your concerns, and teaches you about health along the way. A very thustworthy doctor who will get your body functioning and put your mind at ease.

5 years ago


Dr. James has helped me many times with wrist problems. When I first mentioned to him I was taking medications around the clock and wearing a brace for my hurt wrist he was astonished and mentioned adjusting it. I had no idea that was even an option. Within 24 hours it was 90 percent better! My children love to be adjusted by him and ask when he will be closer to our area to see him! Amazing person!

6 years ago


Best that North Carolina has to offer! Dr.James cares like nobody else and he is constantly educating himself to stay up to date on the latest research. I️ trust him with all my babies and my own health!

A month ago


I have never been to a chiropractor, but my experience has been above and beyond excellent. Dr. James is amazing, and he truly does care about people that come through his doors.

2 months ago


I visited Cornerstone Chiropractic in June of this year for a free evaluation and was pleasantly surprised with the environment, very inviting and positive. After the evaluation, I was diagnosed with Neuropathy of the feet which is treatable with the right diet which included fruits and vegetables and some meats also I received supplements to help with my progress and adjustments to help with the pain. I have been doing the program for about month and half. I went to my doctor for blood work and to get a correct ready for my blood pressure. As a result of following the plan prescribed by Dr James Jernigan, my blood work was amazing and my blood pressure was down and I lost 11 pounds. How great is that!!!!

A month ago


The first appointment went smoothly. Dr. seems to be good at his job! Looking forward to going back after I get some procedures done!

A year ago


What makes Cornerstone Chiropractic truly special is that Dr. James cares about every aspect of your life. I would recommend Cornerstone Chiropractic to anyone just based on the physical healing my wife and I have experienced, but the care Dr. James provides goes beyond that. He takes the time to know what is going on in our lives and is genuinely invested in helping us achieve our goals for our health and in our lives.

3 years ago


Dr. Jernigan has amazingly found a way to incorporate the mind, body and soul into his care and treatment for his patients. For years I realized I have been receiving one dimensional care. Dr. Jernigan’s passion to heal from the inside out while equipping his patients with the knowledge to sustain their health and healing is evident after each and every visit! Don’t hesitate to come and see him and experience it for yourself!

3 years ago


The best in the area!! I am starting to feel like a new person just in a short amount of appts. Wow Dr. James is amazing and he explains every details! Thank you very much!!

2 years ago


I just started seeing Dr. Jernigan about 2 weeks ago. I suffered chronic back pain from scoliosis and he has made my way of life so much better. I’m able to sit and stand for long periods of time with minimal issues. He is amazing, very professional and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much!!

3 years ago


5 stars for the amazing practice and all of his amazing work!

4 years ago


Great experience and great customer care. Feel very at home when I go there for my appointments.

4 years ago


We love Dr. James! He is an amazing chiropractor, and he truly is a man after God’s own heart! He and his team are awesome! They will help you get well and stay well!

5 years ago


The staff is amazing, Dr. James really takes his time educating his patients in prevention. The energy is POSITIVE, all the time:-)

5 years ago


This was truly the most thorough chiropractic evaluation I’ve ever had! Dr. James is phenomenal. He spent a lot of time reviewing my history and developing a care plan. I had my first adjustment today and already notice a tremendous improvement. He told me that he can fix the problem and I am so excited to start feeling better! You do not have to live in pain!

5 years ago


Dr. Jernigan is the best. I challenge you to find someone more passionate about their craft and about helping people. You will fail in that search!

6 years ago


In 2006, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia resulting from an automobile accident. Fibromyalgia is indescribably horrific and cruel. It is both invasive and pervasive and can completely rob you of your way of life. Fibromyalgia subjects its victims to all over body pain, stiffness, and a deep, relentless, all invasive body ache. It’s something one has to experience to truly understand its devastating effects. The chronic pain, stiffness, and body ache result in depression and high blood pressure. There is also the possibility of experiencing other debilitating effects. Many experience insomnia, digestive issues, mental fatigue and the list goes on. 

Immediately after the car accident, Chiropractic was one of the first treatments I utilized to try to mitigate the effects of the fibromyalgia. I underwent weekly chiropractic sessions for a year or more but didn’t see any results. I tried several different therapies and treatments with mixed and limited results. Of all the therapies and treatments I utilized, acupuncture was the only one that proved to be effective. Unfortunately, the relief was only temporary. The pain, soreness, and stiffness came back when the needle injections stopped. To remain pain-free would have required me to undergo one to three sessions every week for potentially the remainder of my life. The cost made this prohibitive.

It took about two or three years to exhaust all of the possible treatment options for fibromyalgia. The only one that proved to be truly feasible for me is a regiment of medication and supplements. The cost of maintenance, side-effects, and inevitable dependency don’t make this ideal. To literally add insult to injury, there is a stigma attached to taking pain medication for a chronic illness. The processes and procedures for pain maintenance can be a hassle and demeaning. 

I had little hope of finding an alternative treatment but I kept searching. My journey lead me to the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. I noticed there were a lot of Chiropractic booths this year but since I had already undergone an extensive round of the therapy with no results, I had no intention to stop at any of the Chiropractic displays or presentations, but as I was passing the booth for Cornerstone Chiropractic, I happened to glance at Sarah, Dr. James receptionist. She had such a friendly smile and pleasant voice, I decided to stop and listen. She told me about the complimentary mini-scan and initial consultation. There were no diagnostic tools utilized in my previous experience with Chiropractic and this definitely was a potential game changer for me. Dr. James introduced himself and performed the scan of the top of my spine, printed the results, and explained them to me. This10 minute consultation was already an improvement on my previous experience of Chiropractic. Previously, the procedure was to do the adjustment and hope for results. There were no scans, let alone printouts of the results. 

That ‘pre-consultation’ convinced me to schedule a full consultation with Dr. Jernigan. The subsequent exam, results, and prognosis convinced me to commit to Dr. Jernigan’s four month treatment plan. (This is an additional benefit; a set period of time with scans and consultations spread throughout.) I experienced amazing results after the first three or four adjustments and those results have been amazing. I experienced a giant boost in energy after the very first adjustment. The following adjustments have resulted in a large reduction of the body stiffness and pain.

My first thought after experiencing such amazing results after just one adjustment was that what I was experiencing was psychosomatic. I figured it was more likely that I felt better because I desperately wanted to feel better. After further contemplation, I’ve concluded that my results are real. The first reason is because I experienced results in an area I did not anticipate experiencing relief until much further in the treatment. I thought my pain level would decrease first. Although it has, the boost in energy was significantly greater. The second reason is because I have experienced relief in areas that I had not expected to see any improvement simply because I had been living with them for so long I no longer thought about them; I simply excepted them. Some examples are stiffness in my wrists, hands, and feet. My feet would get tired and began to hurt after being on them for about an hour or so. I would be in agony after the third or fourth hour. Because life goes on, I simply dealt with it when it happened.

I am grateful for the improvement I have already experienced and am excited about what further treatment will produce. Prior to my work with Dr. James, I could only see further decline in my health and quality of life. I now have the hope of feeling good in my own body again and regaining the sharpness of my mind. In other words, once again living a happy, healthy life.

October 2017


My family LOVES Dr. James! On top of being a great chiropractor he is amazing with kids and very patient.

6 years ago


First three visits this week, feeling much, much better already! Excited to see how I feel after we finish my treatment plan! Dr. Jernigan explain everything very thoroughly, and is easy to work with!

5 years ago


I like to tell people that Dr. Jernigan has magic. It isn’t magic, of course, it’s science+skill, but it felt like magic when I’d been stuck in illness for decades and within just a few visits, there was movement – towards actual healing. 

It isn’t just me. My son sees Dr. Jernigan, too. He wasn’t in pain. He didn’t have headaches. He had communication challenges, he had trouble with concentration, and although he no longer meet criteria for the diagnosis of autism, he still had some red flags that behavioral interventions just couldn’t address. But Dr. Jernigan could. 

It is a process. And Dr. Jernigan understands that process well. It takes a long time to get into dis-ease, and it takes time to unravel those issues, too. Dr. Jernigan’s methods are gentle, effective, and focused on the end-game: overall wellness starting from within. 

I’m grateful everyday to be a part of the Cornerstone Chiropractic Community. Come and join us if you’re looking for a path towards wellness that uses science and common sense to get to optimum health from the inside out!

6 years ago


If you or someone you care about suffers from cluster headaches, please read this post! Dr. James Jernigan is successfully treating mine, and the results are absolutely astounding already, even though we’re only a couple weeks into treatment and I’m continuing to get better with each session. My fellow cluster sufferers need to know that there’s hope, and very real help available!

You already know the agony that Cluster headaches bring, and how totally this affliction can dominate your life for months at a stretch – Mine strike in the fall and are nocturnal, making me a sleep-deprived zombie virtually every day yet terrified of nightfall because I know the pain’s coming. In the previous 4 years I’ve been to Internists, Neurologist and even Dentist & Endodontist in hopes of finding & fixing the source, but the best anyone’s been able to offer is a set of drugs (Imitrex + Verapimil) to speed recovery time once a cluster has attacked, but nothing to prevent them. I never would’ve considered Chiropractic treatment as an approach until my wife insisted that I see Dr. James Jernigan at Cornerstone Chiropractic, who was already treating her IBS. I was extremely skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose.

My cluster season had already been raging for over a month before my first visit to Cornerstone, waking me up in agony in 2-3 attacks almost every night. Dr. James’ treatments immediately began scaling back the frequency of the attacks, so I was having fewer of them per night when they happen and getting more nights without clusters at all, even though initially the intensity of the attacks was still strong when they do happen. After a few more treatments the intensity has now been backing down significantly too. Just into my third week of treatment I’m down to 2-3 cluster nights per week when it had been averaging 6 nights out of 7, I often have only one attack on those nights instead of 2 or 3, and the intensity now tends to peak at around 8 instead of 10. Dr. James’ success with me so far has been breathtaking, and for the first time in years I’m not only optimistic, I’m absolutely convinced Dr.James will be able to get rid of the rest of this problem. 

I’m extremely grateful to James Jernigan for this radical improvement in my health & lifestyle, and grateful too to my wife for insisting that I make that first visit to Cornerstone!

7 months ago


I met Dr. Jernigan at the Downtown Raleigh Home Show in February..He scanned my back and I made an appointment for a full body scan and diagnosis…I was initially a bit skeptical, but decided to give it a try anyway. I’ve struggled with low energy, tension, and poor sleeping patterns..To date, I’ve only received 2 treatments, and I’m totally blown away at how much more alert I feel and how much my sleeping patterns have improved! I’m so thankful I gave Dr. Jernigan a chance..He also is very caring and truly desires me to be fully aligned in all areas of my life..What a blessing!

9 months ago


After going to see Dr. James I can move better and have increased blood flow. He’s helped me rehabilitate my back and neck. I’m also a bit taller!

A year ago


5 stars because the atmosphere here is amazing!! Dr. James is very attentive to your needs and wants nothing but the best for you! Came here struggling to do day to day things and since coming I feel like I’m getting my life back and I love it; and part of it was making the choice to come here! Highly recommend!

A year ago


I’ve had chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back due to high stress for years and pain in other parts of my body from past surgeries. I thought I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. After an x-ray and some scans, Dr. James created a personal thought-out adjustment path tailored to my needs. His approach has significantly improved my stress levels, pain in my body, mental health, sleep, and so much more. Dr. James does not just give you an adjustment but is determined to find the root cause of where your pain is coming so your body can heal. He helps educate and encourages healthy habits with meditation, journaling, diet, and exercise. That all play a role in keeping a healthy, happy body and mind. When I added these things to my daily routine, I noticed a tremendous difference in how I felt. You can tell Dr. James is very passionate about what he does and cares for the well-being of others. The staff is excellent; the office is welcoming and family-friendly. My young children look forward to seeing Dr. James and getting adjusted. I’m beyond grateful to have found this practice for myself and my family. -Thank you, Dr. James, for what you do. You have truly made a difference in our health and lives.

a year ago


Why a 5 star rating you might ask? Let me share a snippet here. I have appreciated both the atmosphere and holistic approach toward wellness. James takes his time to truly listen attentively and incorporates all the information into the treatment plan. Because of this, my overall health has improved in tandem. James is a gem and also brings new meaning to community-minded wellness. As an added bonus to the office staff, Kim C. is a joy to see each visit and she helps to keep things running smoothly. I would recommend that you make an appointment and see for yourself.

a year ago


Dr. James genuinely cares about his patients and their well being and has worked wonders for me in the time I’ve been seeing him. I definitely recommend seeing him.

a year ago


Dr. Jernigan is the best! He and his staff are kind and welcoming and truly care about their patients.

a year ago


I was a skeptic, but my chronic lower back pain brought me in for my first consultation and adjustment. It was almost miraculous! Dr. Jernigan’s skilled hands manipulated my spine and the pain vanished — in one day! I’m now a believer!

a year ago


We love Dr James and Cornerstone Chiropractic! My daughter is an active athlete and she’s been getting regular adjustments there for over 4 years now. I feel that it’s helped prevent injuries and headaches – and has been great for her overall well-being. Dr James is such a positive influence and really knows how to connect with kids and teenagers. Highly recommend!

a year ago


Dr. James always has time for me and my family. I play pain free golf now 🙂

a year ago


I’ve been coming here for a year now and have noticed a huge difference in how I feel. Dr. James and everyone there make it feel like a family environment and I look forward to coming every week!

a year ago


We have been coming to cornerstone for a little over a year, they have taken care of me and my family and all of our needs. They have a very friendly staff and I have never felt better! I highly recommend them for your chiropractic needs. You will love Dr. James and the team!

a year ago


My wife and I have been patients for awhile now and our experience has been life changing. Before chiropractic my wife struggled with low back and hip pain while I struggled with daily headaches. Since seeing Dr. James we have both had incredible improvement to the point where my wife is no longer struggling with the same aches and pains and my I am no longer experiencing the daily headaches. We are grateful for James and his kindness, care, and the heart he has for everyone who steps into his office! Our kids always look forward to seeing Dr. James too! We highly recommend Cornerstone Chiropractic.

a year ago


Am so appreciative of Dr Jernigan and his office. Have never been a chiropractic patient before. But Dr Jernigan has made a believer out of me. within one week of visits, my headaches were gone. Can’t speakly highly enough of Dr Jernigan and his office.

a year ago


When you go to Dr. James not only are you getting a great adjustment, but a doctor that takes time and care with each patient to help them and whatever questions they have. He’s genuine, he cares, and you leave feeling better after visiting him!

a year ago


Yoga and Wellness

Dr. Jernigan is a high quality compassionate human being with a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom in alternative Healthcare. When you come to him to treat a pain in your neck, he helps YOU heal your whole self, digging down to the root cause. In just 3 weeks of seeing him, I started sleeping better, less headaches, better range of motion and ability to stand up! All things important to a full time mom! Dr Jernigan is the real deal!!!

2 years ago


Dr. James is top notch. I have been troubled with waking up in the middle of the night, routinely, for many month. After just a couple weeks of treatment, Dr. James was able to walk me through adjustments and relaxation tips that have markedly improved my sleep. I am less stressed day to day. I look forward to continued progress and thankful for his practice!

2 years ago


Dr James is phenomenal! I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr James stands out as the best! He is very knowledgeable and truly cares for his patients, their lives and well being. He has certainly helped with my chronic back problems in office as well as giving techniques to support maintenance at home.

2 years ago


Dr. James has been an answer to prayer! My whole family is under his care and the focused attention he gives along with the incredible adjustments are something we’re so grateful for. This truly is a healing place!

2 years ago


Cornerstone Chiropractic is one of the best chiropractic offices I’ve been to! Dr. James is patient, kind, and most importantly, accepts you as you are. I’m currently being seen for low back concerns but he also focuses on your total wellbeing; body, mind, and spirit. 10/10 would recommend!

2 years ago


I’ve been going to Dr James for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I suffered from severe migraines and was having pain and discomfort between my should blades to the point it interfered with riding and training ( I have a horse farm). After seeing Dr James and following his adjustment schedule, I can honestly say I haven’t had a migraine since starting out and I no longer have constant pain. I’m down to seeing him once a month and only need to go when I feel things starting to get tight again and it keeps me able to work and ride and feel my best. Not only is he an excellent chiropractor who is passionate about his work and wants to improve the health of his community, he’s a wonderful person who truly cares about his patients. Happy to be a part of the cornerstone family.

2 years ago


I came to James very pregnant with a very sore hip. He was intuitive, gentle and effective. He has helped my recovery after the baby as well. I had tried out several other chiropractors before him, and let’s just say I definitely will be staying with Cornerstone Chiropractic for life.

2 years ago


I came here based on a glowing recommendation from a friend several months ago. I have not been disappointed. James is very knowledgeable and the adjustments have brought a lot of relief from pain. I have been treated really well and the energy James brings is genuine and full of care. This is unusual for most doctor offices. I’m glad I found this chiropractic office and I encourage my friends to give it a try. The personalize care is wonderful compared with bigger offices. I feel valued and cared for when I come here. It’s worth the money and the drive.

2 years ago


Dr. James has routinely provided wonderful chiropractic care to my family for the last four years. I highly recommend him because he is professional, experienced, and great with kids!

2 years ago


Started going after my car accident, learned a lot about chiropractic health adjustments, transparent treatment conversation about how adjustments can help your body as well as your stat of mine. Great customer service, friendly and clean. Highly recommend this location for chiropractic needs…

2 years ago


When I came to see Dr. Jernigan I was in so much pain. I couldn’t walk from the parking lot to his office without limping and aching. After my car accident I was never the same. Daily headaches, three out of seven days I had migraines. I had severe neck and shoulder pain. I was always in pain and I felt miserable. But because of his care, the knowledge and wisdom due to his education he gave me a better understanding of what self care meant. It wasn’t just an adjustment and go, he took the time to listen and get to know me in Oder to fully become aware of my issues. He not only wanted to help me get rid of the pain but he wanted to get to the root issue of the pain. Dr. Jernigan not only loves what he does but he loves and cares for his patients.I can honestly say I am in better health and pain free! No more constant migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back and hip pain and they have all improved to 90%. I will always need care due to my car accident but leaving without pain has been life changing. Dr. Jernigan not only cares for your health but also for your spiritual well being. I thank God for this practice because not only am I feeling better physically but also mentally and spiritually! Thank James!!

2 years ago


I had a really great experience here and now my husband gets his chiropractic care here too. Dr. James is friendly and personable as well as very knowledgeable. You can tell he wants to help people feel better and cares about his patients.

2 years ago


I started going to Dr. James Jernigan about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain for over 15 years and I’ve tried just about everything except for a chiropractor. They’ve always scared me and I could never bring myself to go to them.

I started my own business as a seamstress and my back pain had gotten to the point where I couldn’t function. I was told I really should try a chiropractor and I finally decided to give it a try when I started seeing advertisements for chiropractors on Facebook. That’s whete I found Cornerstone Chiropractic.

Again, I’ve only been going 2 weeks and Dr. James Jernigan has made a huge difference in my way of life. He’s very professional, kind and explained everything very well. I had a much better understanding of what was causing my problems and he has set up an amazing plan he help relieve these issues.

I’m able to move around, sit and stand for long periods of times without having back pain. I highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for relieve of their back pain.

2 years ago


I sought chiropractic help after suffering for years with bad hip pain that had become extremely severe in the last year.  I met with Dr. Jernigan and we discussed my concerns.  He took scans and x-rays and compiled a genuinely fascinating insight and explanation into where my body has issues, and why.  I’ve been going to see Dr. Jernigan for three weeks now and I felt an improvement from the very first visit.  I leave his office walking a little bit straighter, and with less pain, each time.  He is not only one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met but he also explains how you can improve your health (and life) with small changes that are so significant to your physical and mental wellbeing.  I am so pleased to be his patient, I recommend him without hesitation.

2 years ago


Coming to Cornerstone Chiropractic’s was the best decision I could have done for myself.

I came here in hopes of back pain and severe migraine relief in September. After the first week of my adjustments my migraines disappeared and still to this day they are gone. Crazy right? Mr. Jernigan is very skilled in his profession and knowledgeable in general.

However, walking into Cornerstone you’re not just getting physical freedom. You are getting so much more. You are getting a family. Every person who walks through the door starts to become family. Sahana, massage therapist of Indiva Spa inside the chiropractic office, is always there for you as well and oh my gosh she is a great at what she does.

Sahana and Mr. Jernigan both have helped me mental, physically, emotionally and spiritually since coming here. Their reassurance, lessons and presence has been so beneficial for me and others. I am so glad I made the decision to come here when I did. They have changed my views on the future and myself in general. I am truly grateful for the both of them.

They were my blessings in disguise.

2 years ago


I started going to Dr. James 4 month ago during my pregnancy and he was able to help me with my back pain. I went well adjusted into giving birth ( my least painful delivery). Today I went with my daughter (1 week old) and she started smiling right after the adjustment (no joke😉) and had an amazing nap.

He is very professional and you really see he loves what he does. I highly recommend him

2 years ago


We love Dr. James!! His professional in every aspect and also very caring. With our family we have seen health improvements. Our most drastic change has been with our 12 year old. She doesn’t nap and has a very hard time falling asleep but on the first adjustment she fell asleep in the car ride home and didn’t wake up until the next day without any melatonin. Our littlest one 4 month old has acid reflux, colic and  doesn’t have regular bowl movements. She now has over all much better health. The rest of us have also seen much improvement in sleep, posture and allergy relief. We are very thankful to have  Dr. James be part of our family’s health journey!

3 years ago


This review is long overdue but better late than never. I saw Dr. James for roughly 2 years and in the time I saw him my life made a dramatic change for the good. My quality of life greatly improved because of my adjustments, I was able to live a mostly pain free lifestyle which was the biggest blessing I ever could have asked for. Dr James cares for his patients above and beyond normal doctors, I always felt like I was talking to a friend with him, he prayed over me whenever I needed it, his love for Jesus and wanting to helps others shines through his work. I will never recommend a different chiropractor to anyone.

3 years ago


I came to Cornerstone Chiropractic on a whim after seeing an ad on Facebook desperate for some relief from years worth of back pain/ discomfort due to scoliosis, ruptured disc and poor posture! From the moment I walked in the door, I felt a comfort that I just can’t explain! That feeling only got better as the appointment continued. I love the fact that Dr.James focuses on how the body and mind work together for our well being and the importance of keeping both in good health!

He also comes up with a clear plan to meet individualistic needs, explains it and talks about assessing at various points to see how progress is going instead of just having you come in with no goal in sight.

Look, I have to admit that a small part of me wants to keep Dr.James and Cornerstone Chiropractic a secret fearing that if he becomes too popular the office might loose that personal touch!  But each visit, reassures me that Dr.James has a vested interest in each of his patients and truly enjoys making us feel better in whatever way that is best for each individual.

3 years ago


My husband and I have been seeing Dr. James since the end of January.  I’ve always had severe hip/lower back pain since the birth of my two children and, more recently, I was having sever numbness in my toes that had been going on for several months.  A podiatrist just threw medication at me, which did nothing and the next suggested step was to kill the nerves in my toes with weekly injections.  Instead, I opted for chiropractic care and it’s made a tremendous difference.  I have all the feeling in my toes back and my lower back/hips are not in pain.  Dr. James maintains a clean office and he is so genuinely concerned for his patients’ well being.  Thank you!

4 years ago


The amount of peace this place brings is unexplainable, the atmosphere is simply amazing!!

4 years ago


In the past I have been treated by two other Chiropractors. In my career of 25 years in the Army, I spent 23 years as a Paratrooper. As a result I have multiple compounded neck and back issues. None of the other Doctors were as thorough. Also, none have impacted my reduction of pain as fast as Dr. Jernigan. His adjustments and wellness assessment were on the spot and provided much needed pain relief. I would highly recommend Cornerstone Chiropractic.

4 years ago


Dr. James Jernigan at Cornerstone Chiropractic is the most thorough chiropractor that I have seen (3 different states). He has helped rid me of headaches and numbness in my arms and legs and for that I am forever Thankful.

5 years ago


So grateful for them and their wonderful, personalized care!

5 years ago


From the moment you walk through the door, you feel the love. From Sara’s smile to Dr James and his positive attitude, I knew I had found the right place! Dr. James is an amazing chiropractor and leaves you feeling amazing! Want a doctor where you feel heard and they are invested in your well being- this is the one for you!

5 years ago


Best chiropractor in town! Came in to see Dr James with bad headaches and after sticking to his care plan recommendations I’ve been feeling better than ever and haven’t had a headache in months. Highly recommend!!!

5 years ago


Dr. James is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. The office is a very relaxing and calming environment. I use to be in so much pain and not able to sleep. After one session my body has been so relaxed and I’m now sleeping through the night.

5 years ago


I am new to the office , but I am feeling great since I have been following what Dr. James has recommended  for me to feel better and back to normal. I have never had my feet adjusted b4 but he suggested and told me that it would help with a long term problem of a spot on my feet i have felt with since i was a child. I have enjoyed coming to the office both Sarah and Dr James are very friendly and always welcoming I feel more like family then just a file in the office. I would recommend any one looking for a Chiropractor to come and give Dr James a chance to try and make your day and life better.