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Tom W

Cluster Headaches

If you or someone you care about suffers from cluster headaches, please read this post! Dr. James Jernigan is successfully treating mine, and the results are absolutely astounding already, even though we’re only a couple weeks into treatment and I’m continuing to get better with each session. My fellow cluster sufferers need to know that there’s hope, and very real help available!

You already know the agony that Cluster headaches bring, and how totally this affliction can dominate your life for months at a stretch – Mine strike in the fall and are nocturnal, making me a sleep-deprived zombie virtually every day yet terrified of nightfall because I know the pain’s coming. In the previous 4 years I’ve been to Internists, Neurologist and even Dentist & Endodontist in hopes of finding & fixing the source, but the best anyone’s been able to offer is a set of drugs (Imitrex + Verapimil) to speed recovery time once a cluster has attacked, but nothing to prevent them. I never would’ve considered Chiropractic treatment as an approach until my wife insisted that I see Dr. James Jernigan at Cornerstone Chiropractic, who was already treating her IBS. I was extremely skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose.

My cluster season had already been raging for over a month before my first visit to Cornerstone, waking me up in agony in 2-3 attacks almost every night. Dr. James’ treatments immediately began scaling back the frequency of the attacks, so I was having fewer of them per night when they happen and getting more nights without clusters at all, even though initially the intensity of the attacks was still strong when they do happen. After a few more treatments the intensity has now been backing down significantly too. Just into my third week of treatment I’m down to 2-3 cluster nights per week when it had been averaging 6 nights out of 7, I often have only one attack on those nights instead of 2 or 3, and the intensity now tends to peak at around 8 instead of 10. Dr. James’ success with me so far has been breathtaking, and for the first time in years I’m not only optimistic, I’m absolutely convinced Dr.James will be able to get rid of the rest of this problem.

I’m extremely grateful to James Jernigan for this radical improvement in my health & lifestyle, and grateful too to my wife for insisting that I make that first visit to Cornerstone!

Neal I.

Dr. Jernigan is the best. I challenge you to find someone more passionate about their craft and about helping people. You will fail in that search!

Amanda M

Dr. James is amazing! He goes above and beyond! Cares about you as a whole person! It’s a safe, clean, friendly and welcoming environment!

Liz K.

I like to tell people that Dr. Jernigan has magic. It isn’t magic, of course, it’s science+skill, but it felt like magic when I’d been stuck in illness for decades and within just a few visits, there was movement – towards actual healing.
It isn’t just me. My son sees Dr. Jernigan, too. He had communication challenges, he had trouble with concentration, and although he no longer meet criteria for the diagnosis of autism, he still had some red flags that behavioral interventions just couldn’t address. But Dr. Jernigan could.

Cristina A.

Dr. James & staff are always accommodating of my schedule. Sara at front desk is always inviting as well as Dr. James. As a hair stylist, my posture is incredibly important and I’ve noticed even my lower back/shoulders feel better. I feel taken care of here and highly recommend Dr.James. I love that Dr. James is attentive, cares for my overall well being and believes that if you feel better that you will accomplish your goals at ease.

Gay P.

The staff is amazing, Dr. James really takes his time educating his patients in prevention. The energy is POSITIVE, all the time:-)

Laurel W.

I had such a great experience with Dr. James this morning! The space is so calming and having Sara to welcome you is the best. I appreciate all they have done for me and my community. It’s an amazing place doing amazing things for so many!!

Michelle W.

Dr. James is fantastic! He listens to you, addresses your concerns, and teaches you about health along the way. A very trustworthy doctor who will get your body functioning and put your mind at ease.

Tiffany T.

Best that North Carolina has to offer! Dr.James cares like nobody else and he is constantly educating himself to stay up to date on the latest research. I️ trust him with all my babies and my own health!


First three visits this week, feeling much, much better already! Excited to see how I feel after we finish my treatment plan! Dr. Jernigan explain everything very thoroughly, and is easy to work with!

John H.

My family LOVES Dr. James! On top of being a great chiropractor he is amazing with kids and very patient.

Lynn V.

This was truly the most thorough chiropractic evaluation I’ve ever had! Dr. James is phenomenal. He spent a lot of time reviewing my history and developing a care plan. I had my first adjustment today and already notice a tremendous improvement. He told me that he can fix the problem and I am so excited to start feeling better! You do not have to live in pain!

Betsy T.

Dr. James was able to adjust my feet for me. They felt so strange for days afterwards. I had increased warmth and tingling feelings. It was almost like they were coming alive, refreshed! After that first adjustment they were improved over 50%! I was shocked. After three adjustments they were improved 85-90%. The bone pain had now diminished to almost nothing. I’m so impressed. I can’t believe I was just accepting the pain with no hope. Dr. James has had a huge impact on my view of pain relief!

Jessica K.

Dr. James has helped me many times with wrist problems. When I first mentioned to him I was taking medications around the clock and wearing a brace for my hurt wrist he was astonished and mentioned adjusting it. I had no idea that was even an option. Within 24 hours it was 90 percent better! My children love to be adjusted by him and ask when he will be closer to our area to see him! Amazing person!

Nina C


In 2006, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia resulting from an automobile accident. Fibromyalgia is indescribably horrific and cruel. It is both invasive and pervasive and can completely rob you of your way of life. Fibromyalgia subjects its victims to all over body pain, stiffness, and a deep, relentless, all invasive body ache. It’s something one has to experience to truly understand its devastating effects. The chronic pain, stiffness, and body ache result in depression and high blood pressure. There is also the possibility of experiencing other debilitating effects. Many experience insomnia, digestive issues, mental fatigue and the list goes on.

Immediately after the car accident, Chiropractic was one of the first treatments I utilized to try to mitigate the effects of the fibromyalgia. I underwent weekly chiropractic sessions for a year or more but didn’t see any results. I tried several different therapies and treatments with mixed and limited results. Of all the therapies and treatments I utilized, acupuncture was the only one that proved to be effective. Unfortunately, the relief was only temporary. The pain, soreness, and stiffness came back when the needle injections stopped. To remain pain-free would have required me to undergo one to three sessions every week for potentially the remainder of my life. The cost made this prohibitive.

It took about two or three years to exhaust all of the possible treatment options for fibromyalgia. The only one that proved to be truly feasible for me is a regiment of medication and supplements. The cost of maintenance, side-effects, and inevitable dependency don’t make this ideal. To literally add insult to injury, there is a stigma attached to taking pain medication for a chronic illness. The processes and procedures for pain maintenance can be a hassle and demeaning.

I had little hope of finding an alternative treatment but I kept searching. My journey lead me to the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. I noticed there were a lot of Chiropractic booths this year but since I had already undergone an extensive round of the therapy with no results, I had no intention to stop at any of the Chiropractic displays or presentations, but as I was passing the booth for Cornerstone Chiropractic, I happened to glance at Sarah, Dr. James receptionist. She had such a friendly smile and pleasant voice, I decided to stop and listen. She told me about the complimentary mini-scan and initial consultation. There were no diagnostic tools utilized in my previous experience with Chiropractic and this definitely was a potential game changer for me. Dr. James introduced himself and performed the scan of the top of my spine, printed the results, and explained them to me. This 10 minute consultation was already an improvement on my previous experience of Chiropractic. Previously, the procedure was to do the adjustment and hope for results. There were no scans, let alone printouts of the results.

That ‘pre-consultation’ convinced me to schedule a full consultation with Dr. Jernigan. The subsequent exam, results, and prognosis convinced me to commit to Dr. Jernigan’s four month treatment plan. (This is an additional benefit; a set period of time with scans and consultations spread throughout.) I experienced amazing results after the first three or four adjustments and those results have been amazing. I experienced a giant boost in energy after the very first adjustment. The following adjustments have resulted in a large reduction of the body stiffness and pain.

My first thought after experiencing such amazing results after just one adjustment was that what I was experiencing was psychosomatic. I figured it was more likely that I felt better because I desperately wanted to feel better. After further contemplation, I’ve concluded that my results are real. The first reason is because I experienced results in an area I did not anticipate experiencing relief until much further in the treatment. I thought my pain level would decrease first. Although it has, the boost in energy was significantly greater. The second reason is because I have experienced relief in areas that I had not expected to see any improvement simply because I had been living with them for so long I no longer thought about them; I simply excepted them. Some examples are stiffness in my wrists, hands, and feet. My feet would get tired and began to hurt after being on them for about an hour or so. I would be in agony after the third or fourth hour. Because life goes on, I simply dealt with it when it happened.

I am grateful for the improvement I have already experienced and am excited about what further treatment will produce. Prior to my work with Dr. James, I could only see further decline in my health and quality of life. I now have the hope of feeling good in my own body again and regaining the sharpness of my mind. In other words, once again living a happy, healthy life.

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