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New Patients - what to expect

-First Appointment:  you are unique, therefore, your health care needs to be unique as well. In our office, Dr. James will take an in-depth history and initial consultation, spinal examination, neurological scans and digital x-rays (if needed). He will then review all of the findings and see if our office is right for you. If you need care that our office doesn’t provide, we will make sure you get to the right place.

-Second Appointment:  Dr. James will discuss your findings, personally with you, and layout your best next steps. He will go over the length of your care, how often you need to come and how much it will cost. Cornerstone Chiropractic strives to make care affordable for everyone, If you are committed to your health, we are more than committed to finding a plan that works for you and your family.

-Ongoing Care:  We track our progress! - Throughout care, you will receive updated neurological scans to objectively see your results. Dr. James reviews them with you and continues to fine-tune your specialized care.

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