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Our mission is to serve God by serving our community through honest, patient-focused health care. We strive to help entire families grow and thrive together in all aspects of their lives. We are devoted to making Cornerstone Chiropractic the place to go for raising healthy, happy families.



We envision a change in the overall outlook of life. A world where people are not driven and motivated from a place of fear, but from a place of love and abundance. Our community will be equipped with the steps necessary to get and stay healthy. Generations to come will be set on a new path in all aspects of their lives. Cornerstone Chiropractic will be a safe-haven where families can count on getting unbiased, compassion filled and easy to understand information for their health. This community will set a standard for the rest of the world because we grow and thrive together the way a community is supposed to, through love and connection.